Monday, September 16, 2013


hello,so i decided i will restart work on this blog,and when i say restart,i mean restart,thats why all old posts were removed,i did a new theme and such...

 for those who knew about what old version of this blog was,not much will change now,but i will be adding also other cars,especialy old skoda's,since i have 2 and i go on meetings and such...sometimes maybe some not car related stuff might appear.

 for those who come there first time.nice to meet u,im gred,and this is my blog about cars,especialy japanese cars andtuning,old skoda's and such things ;) for a first post i decided i will show my 2 cars,red is my daily car,skoda forman,orange is my meeting and such things car,even thought it dont rly look like,i got it just recently,it is a skoda 120l.more info about them later.

well,enjoy ur stay there ;).